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 Strategic Marketing, Advertising And Research Techniques

Technologically challenged?  Let Tasha take the reins!

I'm not at all tech savvy, so I hired Tasha with SMAART SOLUTIONS to help me navigate on Social Media.   Tasha has been a huge help in adding social media marketing capabilities for my business.  In just the short few months that we’ve worked in tandem, she has helped me leverage my social media and expand my online presence!  I shared with Tasha my trepidation regarding how to best operate effectively on Social Media platforms.  But she took that challenge HEAD ON -- jumped right in to help me choose the best social media channels for my business!  She not only transformed my existing social media channels and placed them at the center of my business, but she also connected and engaged directly with my online audience by creating posts to engage and stimulate online conversations!
She even helped me launch a “Live” webinar recently wherein I got the opportunity to explain the basis of my business to potential clients who had questions regarding the products and services that I offer!  I can’t say enough positive things about working with Tasha and I am so glad that I made the decision to bring Tasha on-board!  Here’s to a positive working relationship now and in the future!

Margie Schaefer ~ Independent Medicare Consultant[email protected]


Looking for a Virtual Assistant?  Look NO FURTHER!

Tasha has been one of our Virtual Assistants with Home Pride Properties for only a few short months. However, during that short span, she has proven to be very beneficial to our organization. She has taken on a variety of administrative tasks, which in turn, has allowed us more time to focus on other higher­ level projects.

In addition, my colleagues and I have different work styles, and she is able to work equally well with everyone on the team! She’s extremely organized, professional with clients on the phone and via email, eager to learn new things, and always in a good mood! She has been integral in helping us run more efficiently and has helped us grow our business in the short span of time that she has been onboard with us.  With Tasha, I can honestly say that she has left her mark in many areas of Home Pride Properties, but if I had to point out just one gleaming quality, I’ll say that she truly has a gift with words. Whether she’s creating or editing text, everything seems to stand out after she puts her special touch to it. I rely on her support for our Facebook and other social media marketing, as well as our direct email campaigns. Quite often, Tasha’s natural talent for adjusting her own writing to reflect what I [or my colleagues] wish to convey amazes me.  I benefit enormously from her efficiency, her clear communication and her strong sense of integrity. I know I can count on her to deliver solid results – and at a speed much faster than I could produce on my best day! I am grateful for my experience with Tasha with SMAART SOLUTIONS, and I look forward to an ongoing working partnership together.”

Mitch Messer, Senior Asset Manager  ~ Home Pride Properties

The BEST and Last Virtual Assistant You Will Ever Hire!
"I have had the privilege of working with Tasha Hart for the past 4 years (which says a lot in itself) and in all honesty I don't know where my business would be without her. The woman is a rock star Virtual Assistant and so much more than just a V.A., she will treat your business like her own."
If you are looking for a REAL V.A. to get the job done and not have to worry about "will it be done right" or "will my clients be taken care of" then you are in for a treat. Tasha knows my business inside and out, she is proficient in many programs that coaches and consultants require, and what she doesn't know she is quick to pick up, learn and master.  Thank you Tasha for taking such great care of my business like it is was your own! I don't know where I would be without you! 
What I was looking for from a Virtual assistant when I first hired Tasha was someone to do my scheduling and email handling better than I could do it. To hand over a big and very important part of my business and not have to worry about it.  What I loved about Tasha is that she always was professional in her communication, prompt and made my clients and my business a priority.   

Vanessa Simpkins ~ Author, Speaker Coach;

Truly the Best of the Best!
Tasha  has been integral in helping me streamline my marketing messages as well as helping me produce my videos to enhance my online social media presence. Tasha been a lifeline, showing me how to get things done quickly and efficiently, which has certainly enabled me to focus on my unique talents and propel my business forward as as a business coach!

- Sydni Craig-Hart ~ Speaker, Coach;